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Who Said That!

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Something that Rock posted on Chit Chat Board inspired this thread.
Who Said "A Gracious Good Morning" : Lily Tomlin as Ernestine on Laugh In.

Lets post sayings that we remember from t v shows or movies and see if we can identify the movie/show, character and name of the person that said it.


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1. "I'm so glad we had this time together..."


3. "Go ahead, make my day"

4. "They're Baaaack!"

5. "Miami audiences are the greaest audiences in the world"


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1. Carol Burnett Show - Carol Burnett

2. Jack Benny Show - Jack Benny

3. ? - Clint Eastwood

4. Poltergeist - little girl?

5. The Jackie Gleason Show - Jackie Gleason

6. "I wish Cotton was a monkey."

7. "It's always something."

8. "And away we go!"

9. "To infinity, and beyond!"

10. "It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood. A beautiful day for a neighbor. Won't you be mine? Could you be mine?"
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Yep, you got them all. I think the Clint Eastwood one was one of his Dirty Harry movies. The little girl character in Poltergeist was named Carol Ann. I don't know the actresses name.

6. ?

7. Roseanne Rosanna Danna ? Gilda Radner on SNL.

8. Jackie Gleason on the Honeymooners/Jackie Gleason Show.

9. ?

10. Fred Rogers on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.


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11. "You had me at hello"

12. "I'll have what she's having"

13. "Howdee!"

14. "Aw, gee Wally"

15. "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain...."


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Had to look up name of movie for Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry movie. It was 'Sudden Impact' - character Harry Callahan (I didn't put the name of movie or character since I had looked it up.)

6. 'Little Rascals' - Spanky - George McFarland

9. 'Toy Story' - toon Buzz Lightyear


11. 'Jerry McGuire' -

12. 'When Harry Met Sally' - lady at restaurant - she was played by the director Rob Reiner's real life mother Estelle Reiner

13. Minnie Pearl

14. 'Leave It To Beaver' - Theodore Cleaver, the Beav - Jerry Mathers

15. ?


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16. "Nip it! Nip it in the bud!"

17. "I'll be baaacckkk."

18. "Thar she blows!"

19. "Please Sir, I want some more."

20. "Shaken, not stirred."


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Who said, "Oh, good for you. You started a new game. Well, I'll play if the computer
will let me. The keys keep freezing up.

15 The rain in Spain starts out as dialogue and becomes a song with Liza, Prof.
Higgins and Pickering all contributing. Saw My Fair Lady on stage twice. Once
with Rex Harrison.

17 A. Schwarenegger in Terminator.

20 James Bond

Well, I'll have to turn this thing off, and come back later. The durn thing takes too
much time and produces too much frustration.



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Yep, yep, yep, all correct guys.

16. Don Knotts as Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show.

19. Oliver Twist


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21. "Oh Jerry don't let's ask for the moon when we have the stars."

22. "Here's looking at you kid"

23. "Up, up and away"

24. "After all, tomorrow is another day"

25. "I coulda been a contender"


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Hi, Old Pals

Came back last night. Computer was still on the fritz. Who said "On the fritz"? Also, "On the
blink". Answer: my mother and lots of folks back in the days of my yute.

21 Is Betty Davis at the end of Now Voyager. The title, BTW, comes from a Walt Whitman
poem. "Now, Voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find." I know he's supposed to be one
of our greatest poets, but most of his poems don't make any sense to me.

22 Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. Bogart was on a Jack Benny program one time. Phil
Harris kept calling him "Oomphrey".

23 Up, up and away is from a Superman movie. Did Superman say it? It's also from a
5th Dimension song: Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon.

24 Tomorrow is another day. Scarlet O'Hara. That and "Frankly my Dear, I don't give a
damn" are two of most frequently quoted lines from the movies, I read many years ago.
David Selznick had to battle the censorship office to get Rhett's last line in the film. In
the 50s, as the studio system crumbled, the censorship office became less and less relevant.
By the 60s the studio system and censorship were both gone.

25. I coulda been a contender. From On The Waterfront. I saw the film when it came out.
I was 13 or 14. Much too young. Leonard Bernstein wrote the score. He later said he'd
never do another film. He didn't like having his music muted so some actor could grunt.



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26 Of all the gin joints in all the world, she walks into mine.

27 Mrs Robinson, you're trying to seduce me.

28 Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night.

29 Tell me about it, Stud.

30 Another nice mess you've gotten me into.

31 You know, I've the strangest feeling I've seen that ship before. When I was very young.



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Very good, Patti. Casablanca and The Graduate are correct. The Bette Davis movie was
All About Eve. And Ollie told Stan, "Another nice mess" in many of their films. Sometimes
he said, "Another fine Mess".

Is 18 Thar she blows from Moby Dick?

Some new puzzlers. From TV

32 I hate spunk!

33 Say Kids, What time is it?

34 What sort of a day was it? A day like all days, filled with those events that alter
and illuminate our times.

35 Grace Foster is running away with the milkman.



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32. Ed Asner as Lou Grant on Mary Tyler Moore Show.

33. It's Howdy Dowdy Time! Buffalo Bob.

34. And You Were There. (Obvioulsy we were both there!) lol

35. An episode of Lucy.



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36. "I think she's trying to tell us something"

37. "Say goodnight Gracie"

38. "Edith, you're a pip"

39. "That's a lovely dress you're wearing Mrs. Cleaver"

40. "You talkin' to me?"


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Ya got 'em all right, GB.

36 is probably from the Lassie show.

37 is George and Gracie. (Did you know they were terrific tap dancers?)

38 might be someone to Edith Bunker.

39 is probably one of the Beavers friends.

40 is Robert Di Nero or Danny Devito in some crime movie. The Godfather?


Addendum: Gordon says it was Di Nero in Taxi Driver.

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Yep, right again!

38. Archie Buker used to say that to Edith after some of the strange things she would say.

39. Eddie Haskell, one of Wally's friends on Leave It To Beaver always tried to compliment Mrs. Cleaver to throw her off whatever sneaky thing he may be up to. She wasn't fooled however.


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41. "Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are."

42. "It's alive, it's alive!"

43. "You know how to whistle don't you Steve? You just put your lips together and blow"

44."We're gonna need a bigger boat"

45. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"