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Widespread inflammation of brain in Fibromyalgia

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Thanks so much for the info. In addition to FMS, I have CFIDS/ME, RA and Sjogren's which also appear to be inflammatory illnesses. I think we have thought so for a long time but this research shows that it's true, at least, in FMS. Because we have sleep problems, our brains do not get washed and refreshed at night.

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It's so important to find and address the root causes of inflammation.

It's usually a combination of hidden, untreated infections, intestinal permeability (leaky gut), food sensitivities, gut bacteria imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, heavy metals, many other toxins in our environment and food, etc.

A good functional medicine, integrative medicine, Lyme literate, holistic or naturopathic practitioner should be able to help identify those contributing factors and work with the person to address them with the goal of reversing the symptoms.

There are so many people suffering with fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and autoimmune diseases due to a combo of those factors.

There are two really great articles by Amy Myers, MD, a functional medicine doctor, that explain how conventional medicine got autoimmune diseases all wrong.

This functional medicine approach is the basis for reversing any chronic disease or symptoms.




Hi, Kids,

Nanie, thanks for the link. I found a cooking/nutrition program and website on PBS for Food Over 50. The guy on the program prepares meals which do not cause the body to be inflamed. There is also a nutritionist who helps. The idea is that inflammation may be worsened in the bodies of people older than 50. The idea is also that inflammation causes all kinds of problems.

There will be a cookbook in 2019. The website already has recipes for the dishes he has prepared on TV so far this year. I think the program is fairly new. The food looks yummy.

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My personal belief is that our gut's microbiome is involved. Medicine of the future will be about correcting the imbalance between the good and bad gut bacteria. Replacing what is missing.


Hi, TigerLilea,

I agree with you. The production of the correct protein sequences is vital for good health and those of us with these problems cannot, for whatever reason, produce them. The peptide injections helped a lot but the effects didn't last. So, it's possible to get the brain to produce the proteins but, if the underlying problems are not addressed, the brain cannot keep up production of them.

Evidently, even 'normal' people have increased inflammation as they age. As we age, the production of good bacteria in the gut slows down so that makes sense. I also believe genetics play a part. FMS runs in my family.

Love, Mikie