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Wits End Please Help

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I ended up spending the weekend in the hospital. Had severe chest pressure that soon included pain and difficult to breath. Feels like someone is sitting on my chest. Got very lightheaded and nausea, thought I was going to pass out. Pain was so bad they gave me morphine. They ran tests and said it was not my heart even though symptoms sound like heart.

I'm seeing a hemotalogist for low WBC and anemia. Bone marrow was fine. Pulmonary doctor says I have sensitive bronicals so he put me on asmanex twice a day. I've had sinus infections 3 times in the past month and half, and it's started again.

So today the chest thing is starting again. Fatigue is off the chain! I'm so tired od saying I don't feel good and getting blank stares!

Anyone experiencing this or have any suggestions? I'm on Percocet, melontonian cr and lunesta, do you know if any of these cause those issues?


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Google "lunesta chest pain" and there are several hits - seems to be a not uncommon side effect.



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It's common with FM. And.......when we're stressed, our fatigue is awful, then anxiety increases along with everything else. I hope you start to feel better. Try spending some time just slow deep breathing, really concentrating on your breath coming in and out and NOTHING else.

By the way, I get terrible muscle spasms around my chest area and going up the side of neck into my jaws. At first I was scared it was a heart attack, but I've learned to immediately drink some hot liquid when this starts. It seems to calm the muscles in this area and within a few minute it goes away. This has even woke me up in the wee small hours of the morning. And you also might try putting a heated rice sock on this area.


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Thank you, I looked it up and I think I'm going to stop using it. So do you use anything for sleep; if so, doest it work and what is it?

Sidebar: Can I respond to everyone at the same time that responded to me?


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Lol, I havent been on here in a long time and really never learned procedures. So I guess I found the answer to my question.

Thank you everyone, it's very comforting to talk with people that understand.

What do you guys take for sleep? I cannot sleep without something.


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If you do a search for sleep, you'll find lots of posts about what helps people with sleep.

What works for me are:

5-htp (amino acid - helps the brain produce serotonin), I take 100 mg. at night

melatonin - 3 mg. at night

calcium and magnesium

l-theanine- an amino acid which helps the brain produce GABA and is very calming

ProHealth sells a product called Fibrosleep which a lot of people swear by.

You could also do a separate post with a title about sleep, so you'd get more responses for help with sleep.

Good luck!



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Thank you so much. This disease is so frustrating for me. When I experience something new, I later find out is a part of fibro. I'm starting to think perhaps I had a panic attack this weekend. I've been getting stressed about the things I have not been able to do around my house...cleaning, and changing my closet to summer, cooking a meal for my husband. I think to myself how can it get this bad having to just stay in bed some days. Everyone says "you look so go", so its hard for them to believe it.

Sorry, I guess I just needed to get that out. Anyway, thanks again.

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Sorry you are having so many symptoms.

Please read this info about tick-borne infections such as Babesia, Bartonella and Lyme disease (Borellia burgdorferi).


On pages 26-28, you will read that Ehrlichia/Anaplasma can cause low WBC's.

Any of the infections can cause fatigue, pain, and lots of other symptoms.

Frequent sinus infections can be associated with Lyme or Candida (yeast).

You will see a comprehensive symptom list on pages 9-11.

Many people here have found out that they had some of these chronic infections...often it's not just one.



I get the exact same pain in my chest, neck and in my jaws. That's strange. I did have a cardiac event when I was 40, now 48, prinz metal angina "chest pain" they did an angio gram and all was fine. I think mine is for sure caused by stress and a combination of Ultram sometimes, at least what I am guessing. It has come and gone since my first episode 8 years ago. ALso have FMS/CFIDS/Osteoporosis/Osteoarthritis........I tried using nitro but get one heck of a headache, so been on very small dose of antivan ever since, don't use but only when I feel it coming on, acts the same as nitro as a mild smoothe muslce relaxer.


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Thank you! I was tested for lyme, bartonella and lupus. I'll check to see if those other things were added.


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I hope you're feeling better today. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience over the weekend. I just wanted to add that for sleep, I take an antihistamine about an hour before bedtime. I have allergies also, and this helps with both.

I take a children's product because I'm very medication sensitive. Benadryl has a good product but presently, I'm taking children's Waldryl, it's a Walgreens product. GB66


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i have CFS and also experience this same chest pain. i think dr. myhill believes its due to mitochondrial failure.

high doses of D-Ribose helps some people.

good luck



I'm glad you were tested, however it is important to note that Lyme and Bartonella testing are unreliable.

Antibody tests depend on the body having a good immune response, which many chronically ill people do not have. There are other reasons also why these tests cannot be depended on.

That is why Lyme and other tick-borne infections are clinical diagnoses.





They did the cardio tests before giving you the morphine. It might not be a bad idea to get a complete cardio workup with a good cardiologist. Good luck to you. BTW, I had a sleep study which showed my brain cannot shut down so I can get good brain waves for quality sleep. I take Klonopin and it has been a God send. Like all meds, this one is not without risks/side effects. The worst one is that one builds a physical dependence on it so that if one ever wants to stop taking it, one has to VERY slowly wean off. Good luck to you.

Love, Mikie