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Word Scramble Game

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19. bulmagl
20. tscbtrhoetuc
22. rubgarmhe
23. almdeone

I don't know if clues would help me, but how about giving me the first letter for starters (pun intended)?


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19. Gumball (I remember now that Rock said it looked like gumball.)

20. Need another clue for tscbtrhoetuc

22. Hamburger

23. Lemonade
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Reminds me of the time I got a recipe from someone for their butterscotch brownies. I told them they left out the ingredient butterscotch. I thought butterscotch was a thing.

I also thought graham cracker flour was a thing, until I started making gluten-free graham crackers.



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Wait! Butterscotch isn't a thing? I thought it was a color. Also a candy.

I can't copy and post any longer, but if you go to the Sherwin Williams Color Wall you can see the color. There are dozens of images of butterscotch candy on the net. But they are different colors. Generally brown or gold. Somebody desperate for something to do could mix up two or three batches, then braid them.

If you are now craving some butterscotch The Pioneer Woman has a recipe on line. She says you might want to add
a tiny splash of booze to the pudding.

Bon appetit, Rock


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The clues were all food related. lol According to what I read online, it's made with butter and brown sugar, unlike caramel, that's made with butter and granulated (white) sugar. Butterscoth candy, sauce, brownies, frosting.....
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1. straight
2. scarce
3. depart
4. famous
5. vacant
6. crooked
7. opaque
8. arrive
9. complex
10. abundant
11. simple
12. singular
13. occupied
14. unknown
15. plural

3 & 8
4 &14
9 & 11
1 & 6
12 & 15
2 &10
5 & 13
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16. Transparent - I figured that out only by the process of elimination using the unmatched word 7. opaque as a clue for 16.