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y'all sick of cat cwap?

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well it's understandable.
this is short.

Thing One (Mr. B) and Thing Two (BooToo) can't stand being without one another now.

I was setting out 2 dishes, trying to dodge BooToo because if I lay the dish down he practically lays in the dish to vacuum up the food. Mr.Boo is so patient with this little guy. I usually can give Boo2 a dish and then present MrB a sesparate dish and Boo's so smart he got it right away that once BooToo is off eating, even if fed first, that I do it to shut him up so Boo can eat in peace.

After a wild morning of racing around, they settled down for a nap before 12. This morning they only slept a short time and Boo woke up, came up looking for his side kick. BooToo was very tired and had fallen asleep while I held him, I try to hold him 1x a day because he's still very young. He loves being held, its my luck, both Cat and Mr. B like being close by but not being held..Mr. B tolerates it if he wants to get onto to shelf or in a closet, but not for cuddling.

Boo found BooToo in his sleep place, under a shelf in the kitchen when we put a rug and its warm and quiet.
He nudged him awake and once BooToo stumbled out to see what was up, Boo rolled him on his back and began washing him all over. He takes care of this kitten like a mother would. It's really amazing. Boo is 3x bigger and 6 months older but something in this kitten just touched him.

They both use Mr. Boo's litter box now, even with two being available.

They went back for a second nap, Mr. Boo went under my blanket where he sleeps during the day and Boo2 was on the rug, he can't jump up yet onto the bed. I dont put him up there because its seems too high for him to jump down.

When Boo realized he was up on the bed and Boo2 was on the floor right under him sleeping alone, he slide down under the cover down to the floor where Boo2 is sleeping and curled up next to him. This is their first time sleeping together.

You know I haven't told my kids about BooToo; when I mentioned possibly bringing in a mate for Mr. Boo my son let slip something about money...it might cost alot more for food etc.
A week earlier he asked me if my pension was invested correctly...etc. The young man shows alot of interest in my finances and is the only one who actually asks for money and he's the oldest. I realized while I dont have issues helping any of them, including him, that its better to shut up about what I have and what I do. The few concerns I mentioned to them in the last year about SSDI or forced early retirement for medical reasons, was totally ignored.
I would love to share the happiness of these animals with them, I'm afriad it would be taken the wrong way---they still resent my former marriage, as if that money spent could have gone for things they needed.

As hard as things were for me and sister I dont know that we ever looked at the little bit my mother had as something owed to us.



He he, you have a fan here. I love your stories!

The antics of Boo and BooToo are so cute! BooToo is a devilishly little kitten, and Boo is such an understanding sweetie. And he got off your bed to sleep with his buddy! Awww.

I'm so glad you have these two kitties. I know you've been through a lot, and it sounds like your kids aren't exactly helpful. What nerve, asking about your finances just because they're hoping they'll get their hands on your money!

I have two cats as well. Whatever money I spend on them (food, litter) is well worth the companionship. I adopted mine from shelters at different times. One was six months old, and the other a few months older. There was a lot of hissing on the part of the "girl" cat when her "brother" arrived, followed by hiding. She even lost her meow for a while! Now they get along, but aren't exactly the best of friends.

They compete for attention from me. Sigh. The whole idea behind getting the second cat was that the two would play with each other. Now I have double trouble!



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Thanks so much for the kind words:)
It's total luck how things worked out with these 2 cats.
My sister and I grew up wit a Siamese and we brought lost strays home all the time; the siamese would hiss, attack or get depressed with other animals. My mother has the sense to understand that cat couldnt tolerate other animals on her turf.
The first 2 days here were a little tense, but I tried to be clear the kitten was here for Mr. B, not a replacement for him. He 'helped' me feed him, we gave BooToo a sink bath, when BooToo was lost we looked everywhere for him together...so he picked up pretty fast he had a 'job' to do. And after 2-3 days of being smacked around by a kitten I guess Mr. B figured he better take charge and he really has done that.
When Mr.B is tired or just wants to chill, BooToo comes leaping around him, pouncing and swats at his big fluffy tail, Boo just sits, his eyes half closed (cat smile) watching. If BooToo doesnt get something started he ratchets up his naughtiness by tapping Mr. Boo on the head...he edges in closer and POOM..still nothing, Mr. B doesnt move...another dash in and out, and POOM right on the head and suddenly this big paw comes from being tucked quietly and lays BooToo flat. Mr. B never says a word...just one paw and the little chestnut is belly up.

I know all this probably sounds insane to non-cat or non pet people, but how 2 small animals have made life livable is hard to explain if you dont love animals.



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Those two babies of yours are priceless, and worth ANY money spent on them...

if your sons hint at expenses just tell them how much joy they bring into your life...

its time they understood being a son also means wanting what makes mom happy...and boy do those kitties make you happy...

Heck, those kittens make US on the prohealth board happy with all the antics they get uo to

God Bless


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I am a devoted dog person. I am allergic to cats, get hives, red eyes, massive itching and can't breathe for asthma.


Please don't stop!

Pussycats... I mean...


PS "Kids" today have very strange ideas about parents and money. Threaten to move in with them... and to get more cats


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Cats are my favorite animal and I'm one who thinks they do well in pairs. It is funny, the cat has a reputation of being aloof and a loner but it seems to me that dogs are the ones who do ok if they are the only critter around.

My first two cats were devoted to each other. The only reason my current cat is the only cat in the house is because we found her after she had been abandoned and she is older. Like your siamese, I'm not sure who well she would do with a 'pal'. Besides, since I live with my folks, "mama" has the final word. They thought she got out and was lost the other day and my mom was so upset thinking about it, my son and I were already talking about a replacement cat! I was afraid I would find her by the side of the road. Turns out she was hiding out in the living room somewhere. She was enjoying the drama.

I too lost a great deal of money because of a man. I supported my ex-fiance for nearly 3 years because he just couldn't seem to find that job. He is now married and someone else is supporting him! His new wife and I are best friends, how can we not be? We both have loved the same unemployed man *L*. He jokes that I wrote the manual on him. Sad buy true.

I think the only think you owe your children is unconditional love and respect. But somehow over the years, a lot of kids seem to think they are owed more. I am very fortunate, my daughter has worked since she was 16 and took a mere 6 week maternity leave (which I paid for) when she had Sky-baby. My son is a hustler and has been selling on ebay since he was 12. I know that as soon as he is 15/16, he'll have a job. He likes his Benjamins *L*.

I'm sorry you can't tell your kids about your youngest two babies (maybe they are jealous), cats don't cost THAT much especially if they are house cats. Not only can I see HOW much they brighten your life, I can totally understand why!



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all of you, i really dont know some days if i would be alive, would have gotten thru days at work, medical issues without all of you. yes, i love these cats, but you know I wouldnt have even had the emotional strength to take responsibility for 2 other lives if not for the months of online intelligence, caring and support. sorry to get mushy, but its true.

boy did you hit it on this one...
i have two frames on the wall; they hold 5 portraits done years ago of my kids--the 6th slot, rather than sitting empty, has a photo of Cat between the 2 boys. when the boys visited last month, dont you know the same one concerned about my finances commented about the cat being included between the 5 kids...I guess part of it is normal son/mother jealousy, maybe its worse because of early separation/divorce.


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i am in such pain, not sure(haven't heard or seen doc yet) if its carpal tunnel or neuropathy-cats have been entertaining themselves, mr. boo is sulking...every time he turns around, bootoo is in his basket, chasing his tail or in his face...he cant seem to find a place to be alone. i underestimated how high and far bootoo will jump to get at something.

the phone rang and i had just left a slice of cheesecake and cold tea on the table to answer phone. i come back a few minutes later and cheesecake is mushed and half eaten. bootoo is under table covered with evidence on his tiny nose and chin, cleaning his paws.

well, at least the cheesecake was homemade and i know what's in it...probably too rich for a 4 month old tummy. yesterday i broiled a piece of fish and was attempting to eat it. since he hasnt been fed anything but canned cat liver (vet's diet for cats)i wouldnt have thought other food would interest him. Mr. boo doesnt touch anything other than his food.

bootoo was pacing (we're talking 6 inches of kitten belly on very short legs running back and forth)trying to figure how to get past me and onto the table to see what that smell was. I pinched a bit of fish (salmon) and let him smell it, i dont think he smelled it because he snapped it up so fast and was looking for more. its not like i dont feed them...

i scraped the skin of any fishy bits and put it away for him for a snack when Mr. B is sleeping.


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PLEASE do not stop the cat stories!!! They are delightful and funny. I actually am looking for them now.

I am sorry you are in pain! At least the Boo's keep you distracted a bit.

What you said about the people on this board during the hard times....I agree with you completely. You, my friend, have especially been a life line on many a bad day and night for me.

Love ya back,


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Didoe- I too find them funny and delightful. Just wanted to tell you that. I will be leaving tomorrow for close to a week. Will be at my dughters in Crowley, TX close to Ft. Worth.

Keep them coming ! Don't wear yourself out just watching those kitties (-: !!!




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I have been reading your cat stories and love them, I was a cat person for many years but am now the owner of 2 dogs that keep me going. I do have one kitty but she doesn't like the dogs and since my older kitty died, she stays to herself in her own room :-( But I spend time with her everyday.

I love your sense of humor and love the way you write about your kitties. I am not here as much lately as I am in a remission of sorts and have been working on projects around the house.

But please don't stop writting- Have you ever used a flashlight to play with your boys?? I had a cat, he was 15 when he left this world, but the flash light always brought out the kitty in him. He could jump as high as a light switch or just run in circles trying to catch that darned light.

It works great with one of the small pin lights, it gave me and him endless hours of entertainment. I have a you tube channel that has videos of me and my girls. I have a golf cart that I ride around the country side in and they run along with me then they get in fly down the hills.

My user name is ckballl -yes it has 3 l's, I hope you enjoy, esp the girls gone wild, they play like that everyday.

Keep it up as you are a bright spot and a source of joy to this board. Carla


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i never seem to just get sick, get better. i get very sick, maybe most of us w/FM and these types of disorders have stronger reactions to diseases.

I dont know what going on, I feel like an 'electric' current that spasms thru right thigh/elbow/forearm/wrist/palm-all at once like a massive spasm but so strong I've fallen because my leg collaspes.

My mattress is foam, which was great before this started; its not supportive enough for this, I have a new futon in living room and a futon mattress is like laying on the floor.
i set up the futon for sleep last night and kitties were thrilled to have company in the middle of play area...little did they understand i wasnt there for a sleep over. i haven't slept more than 1-2 hours during all last week, i fell out last night and could hear the cats racing around, mewing and growling from tackling and being tackled, things falling, i couldnt move.

Every move has to be orchestrated to avoid these huge spasms. i'm always up by 5am. I slept until 10am, waking briefly to shift positions or bang on wall to break up cat fights. At some point during the night I was in a deep sleep in a moment of quiet, pain free bliss, my feet hanging over the too short futon, when sharp baby teeth chomped down hard, testing my toes for food worthiness.

This morning I made hot tea...i've become a tea-a-holic, must go thru a quart of black tea every day and had some buttered toast.

SCrewed up my morning med schedule since it was already almost 11am, put tea, toast on table to go get meds.

return to living room and find someone small and furry siting next to my toast. i scoop him up and sit down. some butter hadnt melted and i put it on my finger for him. Might as well have been caviar...I dont think there's much this kitten wont eat if left to make decisions himself. He wound up with a buttered snoot, buttered paw and was still arguing with me why he had to have MORE butter after I set him back on the rug.

Ooo no...he sez..U tink yuz gonna sid dere eeting da toest wid dat cweeemy yummee stuf i eated n not giv mee no moe?
Mr. Boo wasnt even talking at this age, no less arguing over food choices.
Tid Bit jumped up on my knee, back onto the table and made a quick reconnassiance for butter. Finding only black currant jam, he decided that would do. I was really stunned, what cat eats sweets??? (Even if it is expensive english jam!!)I buzzed his tummy with a kiss and plopped him back on floor, grabbed my plate and finished toast over sink.
What I'm thinking is not so much about these kitten antics, is what I'll have to worry about when he's bigger and can get anywhere, because he's more dangerous to himself for having no sense of fear. He's already found ways to scale bookcases (simply claws his way up hard cover book spines) --and when he get up top to whereever he's going, he looks down and takes a nose dive. My rugs are almost wall to wall and thick, so I haven't considered having him outfitted for a parachute.

Mr. Boo is currently 'bored' with BooToo's antics. The more 'bored' Mr. Boo tries to appear, the more obnoxious BooToo aims to be.
Now able to reach higher spots than Mr. Boo (really irks Mr. Boo who'd like to be high up & away looking down on the pipsqueek) BooToo finds a spot and waits for Mr. Boo to pass by with his big feather-duster of a tail waving back and forth. If Mr. B is in the mood, a fur bomb doesnt bother him and he's good for a roll around. If Mr. Boo is grumpy and he IS increasingly grumpy, he'll growl a warning and side step the fur bomb so the little fatty lands hard on his ever expanding little belly..

Doc emailed an apology, was out of town at meeting,seeing her tues, almost cried w/relief because i couldnt have traveled by subway to her this morning.



But not cat stories!

I picked my sweetie from the vet today where we boarded her when we went on vacation. I think she must have stepped in *something* as they took her out of the crate, because when I got home and looked at the front of my shirt, I was covered in so called "cat cwap"!!!!

So in to the tubby kitty (if you can call a 14-year-old cat "kitty") goes. She got a nice scrub, and is now dry and sleeping peacefully under the covers on my bed.

She's very happy to be home!


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When Cat was in her last months, she had to spend 2 nights in vet's hospital facility upstairs. I came to pick her up and they brought me right up to see her. She was hovering, terrified, in a corner. There was grit and cat food mushed together; the cage was too small to a house a cat, cat defecation and cat food at the same time.
I knew my cat, in fact I dont know many cats that will accept to cwap and eat in same spot. Anyway, I blew a fuse and asked the young intern who clearly was a space cadet, why the Cat was housed this way....

'uuuuh, well, uuuhhh, I just fed her...'

My point being, when I pray I actually ask to please keep me healthy so I dont have to leave my 2 new cats while in hospital or board them under such circumstances.


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Baby Too sounds a LOT like my Rico when he was a tiny kitty. We'd had him a week or so when my ex-IL's came into town. We all went out to dinner one night and my Sil brought home 1/2 of a leftover steak. She took it out the next day for lunch and heated it up on the toaster oven. She sat down at the table and just as she put the plate down, this speeding ball of brown and white fur jumped UP on the table and swiped the steak off her plate, jumped off the table (steak firmly clutched in his jaws) and ran to the corner of the room.

The steak was twice as big as he was. My mil was afraid he would burn himself because the steak was hot or eat too much and get sick. It didn't matter, because the tiny ball of yet-to-be-declawed fur hissed and growled and smacked at any hand that tried to get the steak. Finally, they gave up and he curled up with his steak and ate it.

This was the same cat who started nosing into a box of nearly empty wheat thins that had fallen over on the floor, he kept pushing and crawling until his head was almost at the bottom of the box and only his back feet and tail were sticking out. He suddenly stopped, reared UP on his two back paws with box on his head and proceeded to shake and wiggle until the box came off. In his mouth was a perfectly formed wheat thin - the only one left in the box.

And the piece de resistance.........My ex called from work early one afternoon asking why I didn't put his sandwich in his lunch after I had packed it? I was puzzled, because I was sure I had plopped the sandwich in there. I figured I probably had a brain fart and forgot about it. Later that afternoon I was vacuuming the bedroom and I moved the cheval mirror that I had in the corner. Behind it was a baggie with two pieces of bread. Ah-ha, I thought. Rico thought it was a toy and brought it back here to play with. But I was only partially right. It was a baggie with bread alright..........But upon closer inspection I realized the bologna in the middle was gone!!!!! He ate the meat and left the bread behind. He loved his meat, we had to thaw all sorts of frozen varieties in places he couldn't find, otherwise we would find the near empty plastic wrap in some unusual place.....

He was a pistol as a kitten. I loved both of my cats equally, but Rico managed to just tug at you a little differently than Coco. BooToo will grow out of all of this and you'll love him all the more. That is, IF you survive!



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This morning I found the hall closet door ajar and my Louie Vuitton weekender pulled half way out of the closet. A tiny leather motorcycle jacket and silk scarf was laid out for packing.

Next to that was an unopened case of liver & chicken mini cans and a variety of silent tired rubber balls, feathers on strings and no-longer-crinkly foil balls.

It could be a crisis from the heat, it seems to be the Mini Motor known as BooToo.

Now that he has jumped from the futon up onto the dining room table, he can check anytime he smells food, to see if there's something up there he might like to sample.

'NO!' is for someone other than BooToo. Mr. Boo tried to come and splat his big fluffy self near me and his efforts to cuddle are met by a hopping pouncing schizo bunny like kitten who pushes balls, mice with embedded bells and long sticks that no longer have anything to wave...all at Mr. Boo. BooToo cannot understand why anyone does not want to play. He is teeny, meeny, so very soft with a tiny pot belly like a little pot bellied piglet. His tail is about as thin and curly as a piglet too.

When he sits close to Mr. Boo and flaps his tail like a metronome, Mr. Boo take one of his large and famously broad paws and comes down heavy on the rapping noodle of a tail and silence returns.

BooToo likes a racket and runs to investigate why everyone in the windows across our balcony, is yelling in Cantonese while frying 3 heads of garlic in one wok.

Mr. Boo prefers a slow dive under the couch, cool quiet shadows and the same liver & chicken 3 times a day, in the same FloBlue dish. He confirms its his dish by the crack on the side, before taking his first lick of liver.

As BooToo familiarized himself with his final frontier of 2.5 rooms, he has slowly but surely invaded every space Mr. Boo thought his own.

The big Tiffany lamp sitting by the couch and warming a large flat basket that contains a soft towel, is where Mr. Boo flopped each night after eating and before taking his final romp-around, catching balls and chasing Mom into the bathroom and behind curtains. The fact that he always out ran, and 'found' the hidden Mom is a testament to his amazing hunting skills.

He grew so big in the last 2 months, his tail, paws and head hung off the sides and he laid half curled filling the entire basket with his chest and belly. He's become very long, large and fluffier than even the vet expected.

He's not an a long-hair-short-haired cat born into a litter of all domestic short hairs. He must have received recessed genes from both sides where long hairs dominate because everywhere on him is flowing, deep chocolate brown long fur with a soft silver furred belly and chest.

Yesterday Mr. Boo had become as cantankerous as he's ever been since BooToo came to live here. He's running around less and sitting, watching the fiery furball fly around trying to drum up cheap tawdry fun, quick games of chance and excitement. A game of dice in an alleyway is about BooToo's speed.

Mr. Boo seemed withdrawn and didnt want to be pounced on, at any time. He sniffed at his dish and seemed hungery, but then turned away. When I bring 2 dishes out for both to eat, he will not eat next to BooToo in the spot that he formerly occupied alone.

So what I found was, he wants to eat, but alone. He doesnt like all this sharing of everything, some sharing is okay, sharing everything makes him feel like just another cat and Mr. Boo earned the moniker of 'Mr.' by holding himself in very high esteem. He certainly expects the same of those serving him his meals and cleaning the poop from his litter box...

For a day or two BooToo was fooled into thinking both dishes were presented and he dug in, assuming Mr. Boo was next to him chomping along. I have to take Mr. Boo into another room now and let him eat quietly. Of course Monstro sucks up his food at 2x the speed and then gallops around looking to see where his big buddy is.

I've been scooping him up and letting him help wash the dinner dishes while we discuss Matt Frei's new tie and Mr. Boo finishes up in peace and quiet.

So Mr. Boo has been a bit withdrawn in the last day or so and I didnt want to panic, thinking he's still adapting to the changes. This afternoon before taking their naps, Mr. Boo went into his box and after a moment or two, hopped out and hunched down on the floor. Then began dragging his fluffy butt across the kitchen floor, stopping to sniff the trail and then continue chasing himself in circles while dragging his butt around. I washed up the floor, although nothing could be seen, but since both Mr. Boo and BooToo were so enthusiastically sniffing and nuzzling the linoleum, I figured something was there that needed to go.

This afternoon Mr. Boo woke before Boo2 and still seemed edgy...he came into the bathroom and a quick hand search of his hind quarters revealed a dirty bottom. The 'doctor' prepared for 'surgery' by collecting scissors, baby soap, wash cloth and then snatching Mr. Boo from his window perch as he sat complaining about his lot to the birds, and unloading him into the bathroom sink. Since he always plays in the bathroom sink he didnt panic right away.

The first attempt to find out exactly what was going on back there was met with growls and threats. Even with long nails, he didnt scratch but fought, not wanting his personage to be invaded. Ah, tuff patooties...he got laid flat on his back and seemed surprised to be looking up at me with his legs spread wide, something he does everyday on his own, but having it done to him, was another story.
Males always seem to have this double standard...

He was still okay with this until the scissors appeared and his growling increased. While pinning him with one arm, I snipped the first turd off and showed him what the fuss was about. He actually shut up and the tension went out of him, he stopped fighting. I snipped the 2nd one-- his butt hairs are clouding his exit route and needs a trimming, but about all he could take was being cleaned.

Once I finished and let him down on the rug and opened the door, he didnt want to leave the bathroom. He rubbed his chin on my leg and waited for me to wash the sink and leave with him.

He finally let me put the weekend bag back in the closet and the case of food back into the pantry. So I guess he decided to stay through the weekend...


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I am p...ing in my pants laughing so hard!! Thank goodness Mr. Boo changed his travel plans..the world, never mind you, would not be the same without him :)