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Yeast in Transfer Factors

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Really excited that ProHealth will be reselling targetted TF's! :eek:)

One problem tho ..... I notice that the ProHealth ones, and the ones from Chisolm Labs contain yeast :( Does anyone kno in what type of form, in what amount, and whether the yeast is likely to cause problems if you have candida etc? I'm on a strict sugar/ yeast free diet which keeps my GI symptoms under control!

Anyone got any experience?

I can't ring about them as in the U.K.


Aren't you the picture of health in you pic. And you and I have been ill about the same amount of time. I am so very sorry it hit you so young. I was 36.

You have been putting more pieces of the puzzle together, I read. So have I. Not positive for Lyme. Seem to have very few amino acids in my brain...they are precursors to serintomin (I am sure that isn't spelled correctly). So I have been having crying jags until I put the puzzle piece in. Dr. Cheney and Dr. Myhill don't recommend antidepressants. Dr. Cheney recommends 5-htp and it has helped sooo much. Thank goodness for the Internet.

I will be very glad to call around for you tomorrow. By thinking is that Prohealth may not know since they don't make the TF. Maybe they will be willing to make a call.

And I will also call Chisolm too.

No problem, glad to be of help! Agree it is great the TF's are back at Prohealth!!



ProHealth does not have the advertised TF's in stock...yet. So, they do not have the list of ingredients. I asked when they thought they would have them in and they said to call back in about 1 month.

Chisolm Labs #2 for CFS which is $150ish for 30 capsules and they do ship worldwide, has about 1% brewers yeast and lactobacillus in each capsule. They said that it was so little it would not effect someone with candida issues.

If you choose to buy from Chis. you have to call 1-803-663-9618 because the credit card numbers. If you have a question though, you can email at

Of course, ProHealth's are going to be a good bit cheaper..which is good news, indeed.

Hurry Up ProHealth!!



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......... for ringing round, that's so kind of you!! :eek:) It would be so nice to try a targetted TF. It's the price of the Chisolm ones that have held meback thus far. I'm having so many other tests at the mo, and take so many other supplements/ treatment, that I just couldn't afford them at the mo .... as you say though ProHealth's price I could ... HURRY UP ProHealth! Deserve a medal don't they! :eek:)

Just updated my profile as I re-read it and realised it didn't make sense (I muist have been having a 'moment' at the time!) :)

Make up helps doesn't it, with regards to my pic!!!!! I did choose that one though as I thought I looked a bit less healthy in it .... obviously didn't work tho! I do look so well most the time (especially with a bit of make up on!), I think others find it hard, who don't know me to sometimes comprehend how sick I am. I'm never quite sure whether it'd be better to look 'sicker' and have people say; 'crikey, you look awful', or whether that'd be a whole lot worse!!!!!!!!! I have a good friend with MS (and late stage lyme) tho, and like me, he looks REALLY well (similar colouring to me) ... so I suppose it's these immune/ lyme etc conditions don't always portray the truth in the face!

How are you now/ Lovely to speak again! :eek:) Yep, have been going to a GREAT private hospital in the UK (called The Breakspear) and they are doing all the sorts of test that I'd always wanted to have, and filling in quesation marks about the illness I always wanted answered .... no one previously had bothered to listen to in the 21 years. Make such a difference, even just having some questions answered/ puzzle pieces fitting into place. Alot of us seemed to have got sick, and have the CFS start in 1987 .. odd, huh??

Are the English holidaymakers still descending in your vicinity??!!! ;) Although, saying that, my sister and family have just returned from 3 weeks in Pensacola ... that's quite near you in Florida isn't it? They stay with familt friends there .....

Anyway, thanks again ... really am grateful for the info. Good news too about the candida/ brewers yeast .. I would imagine that the PH ones will have similar small amnounts in wouldn't you? will check when they come back in stock tho!

You take good care .....

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