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Zantac "Ranitidine" for CFIDS

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This is a rather long post but worth the reading for CFIDS patients.

After two years of CFIDS and logging and journaling, I have recently stumbled upon a common occurrence of wellness the day after taking Ranitidine "Zantac" in the pm before bed.

Ranitidine is a Histamine II blocker, and for CFIDS with multiple chemical sensitivies, this may make life worth living again. Now I must say for me personally, it gives me an excruciating headache, however, if it were not for the headache I would feel almost 100% well. That's saying a lot for someone who has been chronically ill for two years.

The most amazing response I've had to Zantac is that it renders me painless, especially with my chronic foot pain, diagnosed as plantar fasciitis and neuropathy.

It has also been noted in university studies that the Histamine II blocker Famotidine, aka Pepcid, helps supply greater blood flow to the heart in patients with Congestive Heart Failure. CFIDS patients seem to possibly have inflammation with the heart muscle and it has shown to decrease blood pressure however minimal. I tried Pepcid and it hasn't given me the same benefit as Ranitidine "Zantac".

I hope this information helps someone out there. I've got to figure out what to do about the headpain thing with the Ranitidine, however I believe I have made a huge step forward in my knowing the cause of my CFIDS. I sure hope this helps so many of you! If it does please let me know.

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How wonderful you found something that works for you!!!

I have read a medical report somewhere recently that these meds should not be used long term, though can't remember where, of course.

Could you just research it a little and make sure?

Wish you the best,